West Sussex Wedding Photography

West Sussex Wedding photography

I had the pleasure of working with an amusing couple who had so much love for each other and who wanted to make their wedding a really small, fun and intimate day. Well, they really did it. What a fantastic day everyone had, from the small church to the beautiful garden of the couple’s fabulous new home in West Sussex.

It was a fabulous sunny day – well almost all of the day – but despite the downpour of heavy rain the couple and the guests went from fun, to tears, to laughter and dancing through the night.

It was a real pleasure to have been part of this couple’s special day and I enjoyed every minute; even getting soaked through seemed to be part of the fun.

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  • Eliza said:

    Really beautifully shot, Mike - great job, well done!

    • Michael said:

      Thanks Eliza.

  • Absolutely beautiful pictures Mike! Love the details shots and you have really brought out the intimacy and laughter in the other pics.

    • Michael said:

      Thanks Gemma,

  • Janet ward said:

    Gr8 pics and some lovely moments

    • Michael said:

      Thank you Janet thats very kind.

    • Michael said:

      Thanks Frances, Hope all good with you.

  • jo love said:

    Amazing photography mike. I need to speak to you about photographing my jessie x

    • Michael said:

      Of Course Jo, i would love to. Drop me a line and we can get a date fixed. x

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