The Printed Image

The Printed Image

So the printed image is dead hey!! Well even in this evolutionary digital age, I think the magic of looking at the printed photograph is still very much alive.

I think it’s important for every one of my couples to feel and touch their images from their big day and not have to keep getting the laptop or the memory stick out and fire up the computer when they want others to see the beautiful images from the day, or you simply want to enjoy looking at those key moments again.

Photographs are taken to be enjoyed later and become even more magical in printed form, whether that be in an album, displayed on the wall or simply presented in its own little house like my print boxes.
This is why I include a selection of printed images and a memory stick with all the high resolution images in its own hand crafted wooden presentation box, something you can look back at time and time again.
A special thanks to the team at Photoflashdrive for helping create these beautiful print boxes.

MOS_0011 MOS_0014 MOS_0029 MOS_0023

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