Miles for Missing People 10k – Clapham Common

Miles for Missing People 10k – Clapham Common

When the missing people charity asked me if I could photograph there Miles for Missing people 10k this year on Clapham Common I didn’t even hesitate in saying yes, I love the work that Missing People do and that they have events such as the Miles for Missing People 10k, I feel that more should be done to support such a wonderful charity that has an impact on so many peoples lives.

It was easy for me to say yes I would love to photograph the event for you as a way of showing my support and giving something to the charity, I am in not fit state to run the 10k so I will stick to photographing it I think. It was a great day full of tears and laughter and some very thought provoking moments, everyone I spoke to had nothing but good things to say about Missing people and I can see why.

So from cakes to medals to speeches and songs from the Wimbledon Rock Choir and Katy Shotter It really was worthwhile and I recommend that everyone attend next years and show support for this wonderful charity Missing people.

If you would like to images from the 2013 Miles for Missing people follow the link and if you want to see more of the images from this years miles for Missing people or to buy prints or digital downloads please visit here.

All profits from image sales will be given to the Missing people charity.

A big thank you to Josie and the Missing people team for all their hard work and for inviting me to be part of the day with you also to this years sponsor of the event The Peoples Postcode Lottery.

I will look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

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