Lego, Zombies & The London Underground – A London Wedding

Lego, Zombies & the London Underground – A London Wedding

I recently had the pleasure of being able to combine my love of Lego and my newly found acceptance of zombies with this awesome Wedding.

Laura and Phil are a breath of fresh air for me and a great example that true love does exist and that online dating really does work. The wedding took place at Camden Town Hall and the reception at The Vintry Pub London in the city of London. We had graveyard cupcakes designed by Laura’s friend and a wedding cake full of Lego zombies and Laura and Phil the Zombie slayers fighting them off from reaching the top of the cake.

The day started with Laura and Phil getting ready at The Chamberlain Hotel London with champagne for the girls, a trip to get the reception venue The Vintry Pub ready for the boys (which one got the best deal there?) then a short trip on the London Underground to Camden Town Hall for the ceremony.  I have to say what an experience, I loved it and I think that Laura and Phil did too and as a first for me, shooting on the underground was great.

We then set off on two route master buses to the reception at The Vintry Pub for champagne, tears, laughter, great food and some dancing. What a wonderful day for a beautiful couple.

Thanks to Laura and Phil for choosing me to be your wedding Photographer and a massive thanks to Eliza from Eliza Claire photography for being my awesome second on the day.

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