Josie and Ben the London Wedding

Josie and Ben the London wedding with style, fun, laughter and sunshine.

When I first met Josie and Ben to discuss the London wedding I could see they were a couple that are well suited to each other, from their love of the hedonistic lifestyle to the romance of the London lifestyle that they lead.

Josie and Ben where looking for a photographer to capture the key moments of the day for them and I feel privileged that they chose me for there wedding, both being slightly nervous in front of the camera they didn’t really want a long day of photographs or an engagement shoot.  I did however convince Josie & Ben to have some pre wedding photos with me. Simply to build some trust in me as the chosen photographer and also to spend some time in a relaxed environment away from the pressure of the day when you a more conscious of guests, food and more importantly drink.

At first both were understandably shy in front of the camera, they soon warmed to having their picture taken and were amazing, pulling faces and posing whilst  having a laugh together, you can see a selection of the pre wedding photos on my blog.

Their wedding was a fun day of laughter, style and love. The London wedding took Place on a glorious sunny day in Hammersmith, London with a wedding at the Town Hall followed by a fabulous drinks reception at The Gate restaurant in Hammersmith. The rain held off just long enough for us to capture some wonderful shots of Josie and Ben and have some fun with a few group shots and photos of the reception.

Josie and Ben were the perfect couple both at the pre wedding shoot and on the day, allowing myself and my second photographer Graham Warrelow, to capture them enjoying the day with their friends and family. I think everyone there that day had a great time I know I had fun.

Thank you to Josie and Ben for choosing me for their fabulous wedding and for being patient whilst we captured the photos of the both of you.

A big thank you to all the guests that made us feel welcome and allowed us to capture some great images of everyone on the day.

I hope you enjoy the Honeymoon guys.


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